We live in a world with no consciousness of what really is happening
with every piece of plastic that we keep buying in markets and stores. 

We decided to create an app in which people from all over the world could
make use of their phones and minds to make our surroundings a better place
to live and stay together for many more years to come.

GanaxVerde gives every user the possibility to choose not to buy any type
of product containing mostly plastic in exchange of money or coupons.

Users can accumulate these points and money to later on buy other stuff they need.

Users first register by providing their name and username and by then they
can start receiving different types of alerts and stories when they enter each of
the selected stores.
The app then shows you how it works and how each of the selected stores
have implemented a QR code in their tickets so you can make use of the app
in an easy way.
When scanning your QR code, an alarm goes off if your ticket does contain
some sort of plastic. But, if not, you are given points to later on buy something
you like or need.
You can then see your history every day when you go to different stores or buy
different things. This history can then help you know how much good you've done
and remind you to keep on going.
When you have arrived to level 30, GanaxVerde gives you the opportunity to enter
a raffle in which you can win a trip to one of Mexico's beaches and experience the
wildlife that surrounds it.

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